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In recent years, cloud based security systems have become the last word in security. It is hardly surprising that Israel is home to numerous advances in this field, as the country features not only enormous demand, but also know how.

Less known in Israel, RISCO is a household name in the field of smart sensors based security systems, linked to advanced control systems. In recent years, this form of security solution has been implemented in numerous security facilities in Israel and worldwide.

The need for multi-sensor security systems capable of risk prioritization has grown consistently throughout the world. Their presence has increased not only in highly sensitive infrastructure, but also in additional venues.

Having started out as a detector manufacturer, RISCO has developed a line of leading products tailored all across the board. According to the company’s deputy managing director Hemy Fintsy , some 97% of its products are exported “worldwide”.

The company has a few branches outside Israel. Whereas locally, the focus is on commercial facilities, the emphasis worldwide is on advanced home security products – but not exclusively.

The company is said to have revolutionized the field when it decided to develop the use of cloud computing for the purpose of controlling a large number of advanced sensors. “The use of cloud computers enables us to implement one application in order to receive alerts from numerous devices and control them,” explains RISCO’s deputy managing director, while demonstrating one of the apps on his cellphone.

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This is hardly the only innovation. For instance, the company’s activity in Europe has led to a coordinated use of sensors with closed circuit cameras (CCTV). “Europe was lagging behind when it came to introducing advanced security systems, since each country has its regulation and standards, despite the EU,” the senior company official explains. He further added that the company invests a great deal in order to secure European compliance. “We are leading this market, so proper standardization would allow us to break ahead,” he adds.

Though the company recently opened a new factory employing 400, high demand also necessitates engaging sub-contractors, mainly in Asia. The company is currently working on a new line of external sensors featuring a very low rate of false alarms. “This is going to be a unique and exclusive innovation.”

RISCO also provides solutions for highly sensitive facilities such as banks, using a special combination of seismic sensors capable of detecting any attempt to penetrate, say, the safes. “We won a bid to supply 160,000 sensors to “Banco do Brasil”. The deal consists of several types of advanced devices.”

According to the deputy managing director, China is suffering from ATM break-ins, so they provided local companies with thousands of sensors featuring early detection and alert.

Security companies too are concerned nowadays with debilitating cyber attacks. Pinci says they are aware of this and are currently working on defensive solutions for its systems against cyber hacks.

In addition to its original line of detectors, the company continues to develop this area, while becoming an integrator of complex security systems requiring more than mere installation. According to Fintsy , the company features complete solution packages based on unique technology combined with years of practical experience.