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DSC_0074 (NXP)The advisory board of I-HLS met yesterday for the first time. The issue on the table was not surprising – what is homeland security? Why is a definition essential?

The Advisory board members are (by alphabetical order):

Col (Res.) Arik Davidi (CEO and Chairman of the E. Global Group Ltd.);

Lova Drori (Former Executive VP Marketing of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Owner of MIPAS);

Moshe Keret (Former President and CEO of IAI);

Israel Livnat (Former President and CEO of Elta (IAI), Former CEO of Nice Security Group. Chairman and Co-founder of ANTEO worldwide AG);

Hagit Mendellevich (RAFAEL, technology advisor of the Israeli chief Scientist)

Haim Mer (Chairman and founder, C. Mer Industries Ltd.);

Elisha Yanay (Former Sr. VP Motorola Inc, President and General Manager of Motorola Israel. Owner of BEEPER Communication, chairman of the Israel Association of Electronics & Software industries);

Col. (Res.) Shlomo Yariv (Former CEO of Innowave, CEO of NETRO, CEO of Orbit Alchut.  EVP & General Manager of C3EW, Elisra),

The board members, all with huge experience in the defense and security industry raised the issue that is in the center of discussions around the world.

The term “Homeland security” was born after 9/11. The understanding the terror will hit the population created an urgent need for a new preparation framework.

The members brought up many options but at the end concluded that it is easier to define what is not part of what is referred to as homeland security ” except a Merkava tank and a satellite launcher , everything can be included” one of the members said with a smile , but that actually pointed to the problem.

The massive adaptation of “pure” defense technologies to homeland security the members concluded, complicate the effort to draw a clear line.

The members discussed ways to make I-HLS more interesting to the people involved directly and indirectly in homeland security.

The advisory board that will grow in the coming weeks will continue to help the team with it’s members unparalleled experience. All that to make the content more interesting and useful