New photogrammetric test facility for UAS opens in Denmark in 2015

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New photogrammetric test facility for UAS opens in Denmark in 2015

Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Danish Geodata Agency and the COWI mapping company on the 1th of December has signed an agreement to build a special so called photogrammetric test facility for UAS in the airport’s national test center – UAS Test Center Denmark, to be ready for use in spring 2015..

According to sUAS News, the increasing use of civil drones for mapping purposes has attracted Danish Geodata Agency as an active partner in the project.

Special consultant Niels Henrik Broge from Danish Geodata Agency: “The drone in itself is not so interesting – but rather the data it can collect.”

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Broge continues: “With the photogrammetric test facility in UAS Test Center Denmark, it will now be possible – as one of the only places in Europe – to ensure and test the quality of the data collected by drones used for mapping of an area.”

For Denmark to be in a leading position within the UAS business, it is vital to set up a dedicated test environment where it is possible to experiment with drone technologies. The photogrammetric test facility is a step in that direction.

It is expected that the test facility is going to be of interest also to international users and companies that currently have to use a few suitable alternatives in Europe. According to Jesper Falk, Head of Sector for land surveying at COWI, there is a great potential in the test facility.