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Sagem’s Patroller UAVSagem has successfully demonstrated the ability of its Patroller unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to operate in civilian, non-segregated airspace.

Conducted near Toulouse, France, the test series included approximately 20 flights, which were aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of a drone being integrated in shared airspace in compliance with civil aviation regulations and air control procedures.

Unmanned systems conference 2014 – Israel

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During the trials the company displayed a complete anti-collision function, which is a key factor in integrating UAVs in civilian airspace shared with manned aircraft.

According to Airforce Technlogy, “The ‘see and avoid’ system combines traffic detection sensors, including an infrared optronic sensor and an automatic risk collision estimation and avoidance flight path generation module.”

ENAC provided a dummy aircraft to support the testing of a ‘see and avoid’ system integrated in the Patroller’s control system in different conflict scenarios, enabling the drone to detect the risk of a collision and avoid it, without the need for an ope