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Mprest FTREData security in critical energy facilities is a highly complex task. Various data systems provide a great deal of information which comes in diverse forms and at different times. The need to integrate data coming in from multiple systems is critical, especially when rapid threat detection to national infrastructure is called for, followed by effective response.

“Information Grid” is a generic command and control system designed for energy firms serving the security, safety, logistics and operations sectors

Israel HLS

The Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) and mPrest Systems Ltd. have partnered under the support of the K.A.R.A.T incubator for Accelerating Technological Ideas to launch the “Information Grid” System.

For the purpose of this development, mPrest Electric Ltd., which is a part of the KARAT Incubator portfolio, was chosen to develop the system.

Mprest2The “Information grid” system was developed together with the Israeli Electric Corporation professionals; the system is used in order to manage multiple data-flows and indications which are received from the organization security systems.