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18315594_m egozi featureImpotence against terror is spreading as rapidly as the Ebola epidemic. The writing was on the wall in Jerusalem, just as it was in Iraq, Syria and now in Canada too.

Terrorism never stops, not for a moment. But in Israel and elsewhere, bad eyesight has become a sudden epidemic.

The writing was on the wall for every Molotov cocktail thrown in Jerusalem in recent months, for every stone thrown against the tram. But the minister for internal security and the police commissioner have poor eyesight. They failed to see terrorism has not only lifted its head, but also grew additional heads. In the wake of the ineptness of Israel’s government and police, violence has kept intensifying – until yesterday’s temporary new record, when a car driven by an Arab youth hit commuters waiting for the train. One baby girl was killed and there are quite a few injured.

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Those who did not use force, a great deal of force, against anyone who throws Molotov cocktails and stones; those who did not position snipers to shoot them in the leg; those who did not enter houses in Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods to arrest the rioters – they are the ones who led us to this point when an Arab youngster perpetrated a terrorist attack using his car to run people over.

Israel is critical of the inept coalition the US set up to fight ISIS. It’s easy to criticize others. We are no better than the Americans and their coalition counterparts. If Washington did not issue Erdogan – whose country is a fellow NATO member – an ultimatum to begin acting against ISIS within 24 hours, then Washington is home to some chronically impotent decision makers.

Yesterday, barely 12 hours ago, Canada too suffered a terrorist attack. This is only the beginning. ISIS members recognize the pervasive global impotence vis-à-vis their brand of terrorism, so they are marching forward, also aided by arms shipments the US sent the Kurdish fighters, which fell into ISIS hands.

Impotence against mad terrorism is a global epidemic. Hire Putin as an advisor. He won’t need more than a week to lick this. He knows how to handle terror. Everyone else is merely a dwarf.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief