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18315594_m egozi featureIn defense of Turkey’s President Erdogan’s, it can be said he continues to fool the US with greater and greater audacity. Why? Because he can. Because the US is weak, unclear, led rather than leading.

The Obama administration resents Turkey’s unwillingness to step up its efforts against ISIS, which is now on Turkey’s doorstep, after its campaign in Iraq and Syria. A senior American official told the New York Times last week that Ankara was “inventing reasons” not to prevent a catastrophe in Syria, where ISIS has just reached the Syrian-Kurdish border town Kubani.

“There is a growing concern Turkey is dragging its feet and is not doing anything to prevent a massacre less than a mile from its own border,” a senior American official told the New York Times. “After all the statement by Turkey about the humanitarian disaster in Turkey, Turkey keeps coming up with reasons to avoid any action that is so desperately needed to avert yet another catastrophe. This is not the attitude expected of a NATO member when hell is unfolding a stone throw from its own border.”

Good morning, Washington. Turkey has been jerking you around for quite some time now. This senior NATO member was busy examining the acquisition of ground to air missile from China. Now, Turkey simply does not care about the US. This NATO member benefits from its membership but does nothing it is supposed to do in the framework of this status.


In the north of Israel, a comprehensive conflict with Hezbollah is fast approaching with each passing week. All the experts who say the organization is busy elsewhere are losing sight of the fact that for Hezbollah, Israel is the real enemy. The conflict is going to take place. The only question is how Israel would respond.

The sector along the border where the IDF force ran into with explosive charge was yet another message by Hezbollah to Israel. As far as they are concerned, any incident in the course of which Israel will inflict Lebanese casualties will be met with a response along the border with Lebanon and / or with Syria. Contrary to previous times, in which no clear responsibility was assumed for the terrorist attack, this time, the message was clear and public: Hezbollah defiantly assumed the responsibility.

The incident at Har Dov, which follows a similar recent incident, much like Hezbollah’s announcement, all seem to attest that the situation will escalate soon.

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So Israel is going to have to make it as clear as possible that Lebanon is not Gaza. One rocket from Lebanon into Israeli territory would be met with an immediate disproportionate response. For instance, after the first rocket, Lebanon’s power stations will be destroyed, leaving the country as a whole without electricity. Another rocket will be met with half of Lebanon’s water facilities destroyed. Israel must not enter into a war of attrition. Hezbollah’s rockets pose a greater risk of fatalities than those of Hamas in Gaza.

Why am I uncertain Israel would indeed respond this way? Because Israel’s leaders are frightened of their own shadow. They are willing to ‘absorb’ as long as they do not have to deal with the threat of Europe and the US blaming Israel for “responding unreasonably”.


What is the connection between the Israelis protesting against the cost of living and the call to Israelis to settle to Berlin to lead better, more secure lives on the one hand, and Israel’s security on the other? Let me tell you. The same kind of people who were behind the protest letter of those who used to serve at Israel’s NSA are now behind the current protests against the high cost of living. In that letter, those soldiers and officers accused the intelligence unit of perpetrating unwarranted acts during operation Protective Shield.

In both cases, the people behind the protests are no-good, irresponsible imbeciles. In the case of the Intelligence Corps veterans, it turns out for the better that had sent that letter. Now, their superiors know better than to call them for reserve duty. They simply cannot be relied upon. In the case of those who call on Israelis to “relocate to Berlin”, who are cowardly hiding behind their anonymity, this is a bunch of blind people. Go live in Berlin. The nice old man living above the cheap flat you’ve bought and always keeps the lobby tidy, may have been a commander in the Gesatpo. And if one day you all come across a sign saying “Jews and Dogs not allowed”, do not go asking for help at the Israeli embassy. You are a bunch of pushovers who cannot see beyond the end of your grocery bill.

So go on, go to Berlin, and when the Neo-Nazis and Muslims throw you out, you will all return quietly home, at best.


And finally, the British intelligence services are tracking thousands of people suspected of terror in London. This was revealed by London’s Mayor Boris Johnson in an interview to the Telegraph. According to London’s mayor, the threat by extremist Muslims is far greater than what the authorities had been willing to admit.

Yes, this indeed a very serious discovery. But those walking along the streets of London must have realized long ago this city and many others have become Muslim towns. The British may have finally caught on, but this is already too late.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief