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controli-HLS TV and will now broadcast to over 40 million homes in every state across the USA.

We are proud to announce that a cooperation agreement has been reached between the Shalom Show on TV, the most popular and respected Jewish TV program in the U.S, and i-HLS TV and  in Israel.

The programs produced by i-HLS TV will now be broadcast to over 40 million homes across the USA.

This makes i-HLS TV and, together with the Shalom Show on TV, the most widely watched Israeli TV program in the USA.

The Shalom Show has name recognition,  credibility and a successful track record since 1979 as the longest running, most widely broadcast and  most recognized Jewish TV show.

TV Shalom Show reaches over 43 million homes nationwide on DirecTV, Time Warner, Comcast and others and is also on YouTube channel 24/7 worldwide with  9 million “Unique Viewers”per month in over 43 million homes.

The i-HLS TV channel, which is broadcast twice weekly on the website and on the Israel Homeland Security Channel on YouTube, features special editions focusing on homeland security issues and weekly editions on Tuesdays, summarizing all the news, technology updates and major world events in the field of homeland security.

The special TV editions, which are broadcast each Saturday, consist of comprehensive in-depth reviews of technological means at the disposal of intelligence and law enforcement organizations, underscoring the operational and actionable aspects and the contribution of the reviewed means to ongoing security.

Ahead of reviewing unique technologies, which are at times unveiled for the first time on i-HLS TV, the channel’s researchers conduct comprehensive studies and investigations, including top level experts, on-location footage from various defense industries and interviews, in order to generate viewership as well as quality homeland security content, unique and original news.