Video Synopsis – a powerful tool in HLS

BriefCam provides rapid review, analysis and indexing of surveillance camera feed using Video Synopsis is currently installing the systm in Israel’s largest beverages producer. 

 BGU library


BriefCam, a developer and provider of systems for rapid review, analysis and indexing of surveillance camera feed using Video Synopsis, installed its unique system at Tempo Beverages which  is completing construction of a €17.4 million logistics center, covering 9,000 sqm at the Netanya location.

Video Synopsis is a patent pending proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video. The system provides a complete representation of all events occurring during hours of video footage in a condensed clip as short as a few minutes long. The synopsis presents simultaneously the multiple objects and activities that happened at different times – with an index to the original source video; online video feed and offline archival footage — for on-the-spot event tracking, forensics and evidence discovery.  BriefCam products are compatible with a range of DVRs/NVRs and are easy-to-install third-party software that will not change existing ecosystems. At Tempo facilities BriefCam VS Forensics was installed on a network computer with a quad core CPU running Windows XP Pro with .NET2.

Tempo logistic centerTempo Beverages which includes principle brands include Pepsi, Seven-Up, San Benedetto, Heineken, Paulaner, Murphy’s, Samuel Adams, Absolut, Bacardi Breezer, Chivas Regal, also holds exclusive rights to the Heineken brand name in Israel and rights to repackage and/or manufacture this lager at its production plant, located on a 14 acre lot in Netanya, Israel.  Tempo’s facility includes a €9 million brewery that enables it to manufacture Heineken beer locally. The new logistics center includes an automated system for transporting products from the plant to a fully-automated warehouse and packing area. At least 100 security cameras were installed in the new logistics center.

Tempo 1The video surveillance at Tempo’s Netanya facility is used mainly for ongoing surveillance and incident investigation.  If there is a need for an investigation the security officer at Tempo, as other facilities that are using CCTV, is required to watch all the surveillance video that was recorded. BriefCam’s says that its video synopsis meets the unmet global need to browse video, investigate and indentify incidents rapidly, and take action. BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology replaces the inefficient, expensive “fast forward” method of manually reviewing video footage. It compacts the day’s events into a “brief” that enables users to browse hours in minutes.

Gideon Ben-Zvi, BriefCam Chairman and Co-Founder, says “video synopsis is not an analytics product. The success of it is due to the fact that we haven’t excluded the man from the loop. Unlike automated surveillance, BriefCam addresses those situations where the human element is of the essence, and makes use of the operator’s experience and instincts when viewing video.”

This video synopsis solution was also installed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Israel’s largest campus both in terms of area and population, with a student body numbering close to 20,000.

The university employs a large security staff, all with military experience in the Israel Defense Forces. It also has approximately 200 cameras installed in various locations around campus. In order to overcome the challenge of searching hours of CCTV recording for investigation purposes, BGU installed BriefCam, enabling the security personnel to view hours of events in a few minutes, saving weeks of investigation time.  In addition, as BriefCam presents all events, officers can uncover events that once went unreported.

According to BriefCam – whose awards include the 2012 Israel HLS Innovation prize, the 2011 ASIS Accolades Award for Surveillance, the 2010 IFSEC Security Industry Award for Best CCTV Product and the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award – the Target markets include also police, military, border control and other Homeland Security agencies, as well as security authorities at municipalities, airports, railways, sea and other transport authorities, banks, building managers, retailers and more. All forces that are using video surveillance and benefit from Video Synopsis to better monitor safeguard and/or reduce loss at their locations and facilities.