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7654690_m featureBritish humor at its best. Britain threatens to cancel export licenses for military systems purchased by Israel. It’s as if the Principality of Liechtenstein decided not to export wine to France. Someone in London decided to break all known records of bad humor.

The British government issued Israel an ultimatum yesterday, threatening to stop the sales of munitions to the Israeli military should the ceasefire come to an end and the IDF renews its Gaza offensive. British business secretary Vince Cable announced that no new licenses will be given for the acquisition of military equipment used by the Israeli military, until the fighting in Gaza ends.

According to the British media this is a softened decision, considering liberal Parliament members called for an immediate arms embargo against Israel, ceasefire or not. Their proposals, however, have been rejected by the conservatives. The UK reviewed its military exports to Israel and found that 12 licenses are given for equipment used by the IDF during the Gaza offensive. These licenses will be suspended should the fighting resume.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Israel can prevent the export of military equipment to the UK, that would actually be meaningful. When it’s the other way around it’s just ridiculous. The components Israel purchases in the UK can be purchased from 20 other countries. These are components, not complete systems.

The British neglected to mention that their advanced drone serving the ground forces was designed by Israel and is manufactured by a British company with close Israeli assistance. So which side is actually capable of imposing sanctions here? I think the answer is clear.