New Israeli Drone Joins Fighting in Gaza

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The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has introduced its Elbit systems Hermes-900 unmanned air system (UAS) into service ahead of schedule to support operation “Protective Edge”.

The Hermes 900 UAV. Photo: Elbit Systems
The Hermes 900 UAV. Photo: Elbit Systems

According to the original plan the Hermes-900 was scheduled for operational use in 2015. The IAF is operating the Elbit systems Hermes-450 and Hermes -900 unmanned air systems from the same base and in missions that require the flexibility that these two platforms enable.

The two types have been deployed in the IAF’s Palmachim air base in central Israel and according to the IAF are performing intelligence and forces directing missions around the clock.

The Hermes-900 (Cochav) medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAS is is carrying a large variety of sensor derived from Elbit’s key technologies that have been implemented so far on manned aircraft and ground systems.

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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Hermes 900, already in service with additional world leading armed forces, offers longer endurance, flight altitude of 30,000 ft. and a large payload capacity, suitable for carrying a wide range of payloads as well as capabilities to operate in adverse weather.

The UAS is highly autonomous, enabling automatic takeoff and landing and includes advanced avionics and electronic systems. The system allows for joint flight missions with the Hermes 450, controlled and operated from the same universal ground control station, transmitting the gathered imagery, while using various communications systems.