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18315594_m egozi featureWorld leaders are requesting an international investigation following the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine. In another week surely another disaster will happen and the world will forget such an enormous crime.

U.S. President Barack Obama has said that Washington believes that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile, fired by pro – Russian separatist in Ukraine. At the same time it’s been reported that rescue teams have located the second black box of the plane.
Obama has  demanded that Russia stop arming the rebels in eastern Ukraine and warned that the U.S. is willing to intensify the sanctions imposed on it. He described the outrageous loss of life and that the ““eyes of the world are on eastern Ukraine; we’re going to make sure that truth gets out””,  referring to information that contradicts who caused the plane crash.”

He promised to investigate what led to the death of “men, women children and infants who had no connection to the crisis “in the region.” We have no time for propaganda, we have no time for games, “he said.. This is cold-blooded murder. It’s unmistakable, the difference between a passenger airliner and a fighter plane. Whoever pressed the power button of the missile battery is a killer. It should be set out before the International Court of Justice and the perpetrator should go to jail indefinitely.

 But then again, the world is so busy hating Israel as it endeavors to stop the rockets coming into its territory. So now there are two competing shows.
The world does not care. The world is going through the motions. The world has to look like its working on this heinous crime. That’s the conclusion Israel is drawing from it.