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Un_SkyLark IIThe Israeli defence forces (IDF) have started to use the Elbit systems SkyRider block 10 mini unmanned air system(UAS) .This is an upgraded version of the SkyLark. Elad Aharonson, General Manager – Elbit Systems UAS Division revealed .

Aharonson  said that the SkyRider block 10 has a more robust fuselage and a max. takeoff weight of 6 kg “the system has the capability to create interfaces with many ground systems but i cannot elaborate” The general manger of Elbit’s UAS Division   said that the new version will be supplied to some foreign customers.

The SkyRider is being operated by the IDF’s artillery units but it serves other fighting formations.

Aharonson revealed the company’s Hermes-450 UAS has also been upgraded by a more powerful , quieter Wankel engine.

The Hermes -450 is the basis for the British Army’s Watchkeeper system.

The Swiss has recently selected the Elbit Systems Hermes -900 as their future UAS .un_ Elad Aharonson, Elbit Systems UAS Division General Manager_0673

Aharonson said that the Hermes -900 that will be supplied to the Swiss will include some upgrades and will be powered by a heavy fuel engine. “this configuration is our new generation of this system and will be supplied to future clients” he added that one feature that was important for the Swiss, is a high rate of climb because of the country’s mountainous terrain and the more powerful heavy fuel engine enabled it.