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Hamas israelFirst of all the Facts

Despite all the nonsense  – that Syria is not clean of chemical weapons Assad has deceived the world that loves to be deceived.

The talks with Iran have been renewed. Here too the world allows Iran to deceive it and meanwhile Tehran continues to run to the bomb.

In Ukraine events carry on as usual. Putin laughed at he so-called sanctions and continues to do whatever pleases him.

North Korea fires missiles near the border with its neighbor and continues its nuclear project.

And now us. The world wants a cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza.

Israel will probably follow suit. Hamas will recover from the beating and start working away on its rockets so that in the next round they will be more deadly, perhaps even with chemical warheads not just explosives.

Governments around the world have adopted the behavior of”ok sure, here’s your chance to fool us “Can Israel join this trend?

I think the answer is no. Even this morning Hamas tried a murderous attack through their deathly tunnels. It is a strategic threat to Israel. Without eliminating all these tunnels, Israel cannot agree to the pantomime of an alleged cease fire with Hamas.