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IAI , Heron-1
IAI , Heron-1

The upgrade of the Israeli air force (IAF) unmanned air systems (UAS) continues.

The force is equipping all its Israel aerospace industries (IAI) Heron-1 (Shoval) with an automatic takeoff and landing (ATOL) systems.

This will make the task of the external pilot redundant and he will control take offs and landings only in very unconventional circumstances.

The upgrade is a continued effort and the ATOL is part of it.

The Heron – 1 UAS is used extensively by the IAF for a large variety of missions including maritime patrol.

The auto takeoff and landing system that was installed in the Heron-1, is similar to the one installed in the Heron -TP (Eitan) the largest heaviest UAS in the IAF inventory.