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Domestic Drone Countermeasures, an Oregon-based company that designs drone countermeasure systems, said it “has received death threats; witnessed comments systematically killed in articles, blogs and discussion boards; had original website and domain hijacked by a gaming site and seen confrontational tweets, emails and messages which do not bode well for the average citizen who is trying to protect his or her privacy from drones.”

The reaction by drone makers and owners shows one thing: that they plan to invade your privacy and they don’t want anyone to prevent them from doing it,” the company said in a statement.

Amy Ciesielka, a spokesperson for DDC, told Homeland Security Today, “We are surprised by the some of the responses we have gotten, based on the fact that we are even developing this new technology. Isn’t that the American way? We see a possible business opportunity. Isn’t that what the drone manufacturer’s are doing?”

DDC said it “is perplexed by the visceral reaction to the mere existence of Personal Drone Detection Systems,” and asked, “What is fueling the intense hatred?”

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Having a system like this on the market accelerates the drone industry by allowing citizens to opt out of a drone’s covert surveillance activities,” the firm said. “But, interestingly, that has not been the predominant reaction. DDC wonders how much of this reaction is being driven by drone industry money.”

“Don’t misconstrue this system’s capability. This is not a defense against military drones; this version of the system is a defense against small, personal drones that may be near your home,” Ciesielka explained.

“With our current gridlocked government environment, we don’t expect the Federal Aviation Administration to control or restrict these types of personal drones anytime soon as they are already in the UK,” Ciesielka said, adding, “We are not fear mongering. We are just reporting what we see in the news and feel that the public’s concern is not unfounded given the explosion of small, cheap, capable drones.”

Ciesielka said, “We expect the capability of this drone detection system to evolve over time, like any technology. We at DDC need testers to provide valid feedback. All technology has to start somewhere.