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IMI is unveiling the ‘CombatGuard’, an armored combat vehicle designed for off-road operations and offering different levels of protection.

Photo: IMI
Photo: IMI

The CombatGuard is designed to address the requirements to operate over a wide spectrum of military operations, to provide protection and combat mobility under changing battlefield conditions, from high intensity warfare through stability and peacekeeping operations.

The vehicle is designed to flexibly adapt to changing terrain conditions, enabling protected forces to rapidly move into and across theater. Typical missions could range from border security, supporting counter-terror operations, deployment in dense urban areas or other challenging terrain.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

CombatGuard is designed as a modular vehicle, enabling specific customization into combat or combat support variants, such as scout, command, intelligence and communications support and others. It was designed to offer low life cycle cost. Maintenance and support are designed for simplicity and efficiency, utilizing an integrated automotive drivetrain and off-the shelf spare parts.

The six-ton vehicle can carry 1.2 tons of payload, powered by a 300hp diesel engine. Its maximum road speed is 150 km/h, while off-road excellent mobility is enabled by customized 54 inch wheels. The CombatGuard can ford water obstacles 1.5 meter deep, climb vertical obstacles up to 80 cm in forward drive and in reverse.

The monocoque capsuled protected hull accommodates six fully equipped troops along with modern, advanced weapon systems. Locating the wheels on the capsule’s sides also enhances the capsule’s protection.