Aerial Photography Using UAVS: New Developments

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SenseFly has unveiled its patent-pending technology for oblique images, that enables its fixed-wing mapping UAVs to take extraordinary images without the use of a gimbal.

The UAV changes its course in order to take the photo (SenseFly)
The UAV changes its course in order to take the photo (SenseFly)

SenseFly’s eBee and swinglet CAM, both designed for mapping missions, are now also capable of quickly taking oblique images to complement a mapping project or add additional documentation. According to UAS Vision this technology is based on a control algorithm that takes oblique images of photo targets without the need of a camera gimbal, enabling senseFly’s ultralight mapping UAV to take aerial shots with up to 45° inclination from the photo target.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

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The algorithms running onboard the UAV autopilot automatically place and orient the drone based on the defined image resolution and inclination (0-45°) selected by the operator. The aircraft then adapts its trajectory according to local wind and target altitude.

Having a system that positions the camera autonomously with respect to the photo target enables senseFly’s UAVs to take precise oblique images without the need for live video feedback or a camera gimbal. These new techniques do not require any hardware changes, only software updates.