iStock_000004196783XSmallA big boost to FST21 access control system following the recent violent attacks on commercial, civilian and public places. Looking at the recent shooting incidents in the USA, The Beith Yaakov (“BYLA”) school located in Los Angeles decided to expand its use in FST21 SafeRise solution, a project which started in 2009. According to FST21 currently there are over 400 students and staff members that are using the system in the school.

Daniel Peled, FST21 VP marketing and Sales adds, “per customer request, we created specific rules tables that include specific restrictions for each group in the database. For example, students are not allowed into the school after 8:05 every day, so the school receptionist will know who was late for school.”

The SafeRise solution from FST21 is an In Motion Identification system which employs quick identification. According to the company, the system can identify anyone at the door and allow approved users access through a fusion of biometric recognition, face, behavioral, voice and license plate recognition. The company says that here are no keys, cards or access codes needed. The system can make an informed decision whether to allow entrance verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance.

SafeRise was recently integrated with ion247 video monitoring control station. According to Christy Hagood, ion247 Vice President, “The system enables one to simply look at the camera, than the camera automatically recognizes the subject person, and the door opens.” Facial recognition is used primarily with voice recognition as a backup,” she adds. Another key component is having a photo of every person who enters the building. Should an incident occur, there is a history showing each event, complete with photo and audio recordings. The system also has a multi-language feature.

The system was also installed in The Pasadena Interfaith Manor site, there the community manager has noted that he recently had an incident occurred in the property. There he found it very helpful in observing the blind spots. “Whereas, the other cameras didn’t capture the incident because of blind spots, the system caught the people coming in and out of our property and we were able to use this information and pass it along to our local police department, said Mr. Garcia.”

FST21 is one of the Israeli companies in working in this field. The company which was established in 2007 by Major General (Res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, a world expert in security, provides intelligent building safety and security solutions based on a fusion of 2nd generation video/voice biometrics & analytics.