Girl with gun.Israeli companies are trying to develop systems that will improve the security of schools in the United States against shooters. In the meantime, teachers in Texas and Ohio are participating in firearms classes after recent attacks on schools. Some of the teachers say openly that they plan to carry guns.

In Ohio, more than 900 teachers, administrators and school employees asked to take part in a new three-day gun training program, the Buckeye Firearms Association said.

In Texas, a $85 Concealed Handgun License course offered at no cost to teachers filled 400 spots immediately, forcing the school to offer another class, one instructor said.
The Dec. 14 tragedy in Newtown, Conn., sparked a national debate about whether to arm teachers or not, prompting passionate arguments on both sides.

Critics say that armed teachers will add danger and that they don’t want to see fire fights between teachers and shooters.