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The AUS&R 2013 Air Show was a great success. 2,700 visitors from Israel, 58 foreign visitors from 24 countries, dozens of reporters and TV crews from 64 media organizations, international coverage and requests to register for the next annual event – that was the conclusion of the unmanned vehicles and robotics expo held yesterday in Rishon Lezion.

IAI Heron UAV on display
IAI Heron UAV on display
Crowds at the exhibition
Crowds at the exhibition

“The event was unprecedented in terms of quality and scope,” this according to a visiting top security establishment figure. His remarks reflect the amount of interest the event drew. TV crews began arriving in the early morning hours and took hundreds of interviews during the day. “I got more coverage here today than what I’ve gotten over the last decade”, said one participant.

A18 - Innocon Spider UAV
Innocon Spider UAV
A16 - Crowds at the live display
Crowds at the live display

The live displays were the main point of interest. They were conducted in the early noon and afternoon hours, above the nearby lake and sand dunes of western Rishon Lezion. Unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and advanced surveillance systems were displayed one after the other. A special broadcast unit transmitted live coverage to multiple media organizations around the world.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Experts in their respective fields addressed the many professionals who crowded the event lecture halls throughout the day. The ground exhibition drew a lot of attention as well. “The quality is similar to that of the most important global expos, such as the Paris Air Show”, said one company representative.

A15 - G-Nius UGV during the live display
G-Nius UGV during the live display
A14 - Crowds at the live display
Crowds at the live display

Dov Tsur, mayor of the hosting city, said that Rishon Lezion drew the attention of visitors from all over the world. The municipality ran a special booth as part of the display, and introduced company representatives to the local, new high tech industrial park.

A13 - Shilat Light Eye Aerostat
Shilat Light Eye Aerostat
A12 - Visitors during a lecture
Visitors during a lecture

Many of the visiting companies already signed up for similar events in the following years. “We’ve gotten full returns on our investment in this event, in terms of media coverage and exposure to potential clients,” this according to the CEO of one of the participating companies.

A11 - IAI Payloads
IAI Payloads
A19 - Real birds and the Shilat Light Eye
Real birds and the Shilat Light Eye, towards the ending of the second live display

Photos: Nir Shmul – Coming Up

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