accessUnited Airlines installed SafeRise at their Israel corporate offices in Azrieli Towers in Tel-Aviv. SafeRise was developed in Israel by FST21, a company led by Gen (res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, provides offices, buildings and campuses with advanced protection creating a new reality in which the person is the key – eliminating the traditional keys, cards and codes.

When the corporate offices of United Airlines in Israel have decided that they need to tighten their security, they started looking for a solution that will increase security on one hand but will not create a burden on the employees and visitors. Increasing their security staff was not an option.

A security consultant suggested they look into a system provided by an Israeli company that is changing the known paradigm of reducing convenient and increasing cost when adding security.

The SafeRise performs in-motion Identification. It is based on fusion of non-intrusive biometric technologies. Nobody needs to touch or do anything different than just walk towards the door and look forward to the door where a standard looking CCTV camera is installed. People are identified as they walk towards the door. If they are identified as authorized to enter, the door will automatically open and they will be greeted by the system, welcoming them in. In case they are not authorized, the system will ask them to identify themselves or direct them to use the intercom located under the camera.

The concept is of a preventive security system, increasing corporate security by stopping all unauthorized from entering. While employees and frequent enrolled guests can enter the offices doors, without the need to carry a key, a pass or remember and punch a code. The system has the capability to deal with a mix of known and unknown people and identifies fraud attempts.
According to FST21’s Chairman & CEO, Major General (res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, the global urbanization trend creates a need, for enhanced security with zero tolerance for inconvenience and that the option of solving this with human guards is not scalable and cost prohibited.

Envisions un-intrusive identification as a paradigm changer that will not only affect your safety and security, it will also revolutionize service as we know it.