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Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology 

New Delhi, July 2nd 2013



To build a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses and Government


To protect information and information infrastructure in cyberspace, build capabilities to prevent and respond to cyber threats, reduce vulnerabilities and minimize damage from cyber incidents through a combination of structures, people, processes, technology and cooperation.


1)      To create a secure cyber system in the country, generate adequate trust and confidence in IT systems and transactions in cyberspace and thereby enhance adoption of IT in all the economy.

2)      To create an assurance framework for design of security policies and for promotion and enabling actions for compliance to global security standards and best practice by way of conformity assessments (product, process, technology & people)

3)      To strengthen the regulatory framework by ensuring a Secure Cyberspace ecosystem.

4)       …..

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