The “Netra” to fight terror in India

The “Netra” to fight terror in India

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uas_thIndia’s defense research agency (DRDO) has developed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) specifically for anti-terrorist and counter insurgency operations.

The 1.5 kg UAV, called ‘Netra’, is a collaborative development project between ideaForge, a company formed by a group from the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, alumni and Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) (R&DE),one of the Defense Research and Development Organization’s Pune-based labs.

Indian sources told Express India that the UAV is capable of operating in all the conflict theatres, including urban quarters, in a situation similar to that of the 26/11 terror attacks.

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The UAV is designed to carry out surveillance in an area of 1.5 KM Line of Sight (LOS) and has an endurance capacity of a 30 minute battery charge.

Netra is also equipped with a resolution CCD camera with a pan/tilt and zoom to facilitate wider surveillance. It can also be fitted with thermal cameras to carry out night operations.

In addition, the built-in fail-safe feature allows Netra to return to base even at a loss of communication or low battery.