Defensive AI Countering AI-Driven Cyberattacks

Cyber intelligence. image by pixabay

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As threat actors use artificial intelligence to their advantage, it’s essential that organizations evolve along with them to respond to and prevent these threats.

One of the biggest risks for modern organizations of any size is cyberattacks, and malicious actors are constantly finding ways to harness technology to their needs and exploit their targets more effectively- especially since the introduction of artificial intelligence.

According to KnowBe4, at least 70% of malicious breaches stem from social engineering or phishing attacks, and these methods have only gotten more dangerous since the debut of generative AI models in 2022. Malicious actors quickly found they could bypass the safeguards and use the tools to expedite their phishing campaigns.

Recent research by Fortune shows that email-delivered attacks have spiked in 2023, representing 86% of all file-based attacks recorded, while other types of artificial intelligence also amplify threat actors’ capacity by automating attacks, finding vulnerabilities, managing botnets, and more.

These past few years have seen a surge of attacks on entities ranging from multinational companies to regional utilities and even individual schools and hospitals, most of which have very limited cybersecurity expertise. Moreover, even the best-financed organizations can’t always confront the full-scale modern threat environment without a certain force multiplier- which is where defensive AI comes in.

As cyber criminals adapt and grow more effective at using artificial intelligence in their attacks, organizations must use it to fight that threat from a prevention standpoint. Implementing a united cybersecurity platform that uses AI for detection and identification immensely strengthens cyber resilience against attacks of all kinds.

AI is leading so many advances in all fields of life, and it should also be used to protect these advances. Prevention-focused cybersecurity is achievable for organizations of all sizes through AI-enabled solutions- which is the next era of protection.