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VT-Naut is a cutting-edge VTOSL (Vertical Takeoff and Short Landing) fixed-wing drone. This innovation was developed by Aeromao and is crafted for applications ranging from high-precision mapping to agriculture.

The VT-Naut is claimed to be the world’s first water-landing capable – vertical takeoff fixed-wing drone in the market. Its design philosophy focuses on removing unnecessary details, eliminating unnecessary weight, and enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the drone.

According to Interesting Engineering, the VT-Naut features a design that balances performance and simplicity, with a primary focus on efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

The VT-Naut weighs 3,700 grams, is 2 meters tall, and has a lightweight and straightforward rugged system that is designed for challenging fieldwork. It has Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities, a 30km data link range, and up to 90 minutes of endurance, according to the company website.

The drone is also claimed to be extremely durable thanks to its compact body design and the use of EPP materials that ensure the body recovers its original shape after impact, preventing any bending or cracking.

Another remarkable ability of the VT-Naut is its amphibious variant, which allows for secure landings on water, including saltwater bodies. The design of VT Naut effectively shortens its landing duration thanks to the strong winds generated during the landing phase (especially in marine conditions).

These remarkable features place the VT-Naut as the top choice for marine applications that require a long-range, long-endurance fixed-wing UAV. There is currently a substantial global growth in demand for marine shipboard operations, and this revolutionary drone’s ability to safely land on water stands at an advantage in the industry.