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A new AI based website can generate jobs that do not exist, but might in the near future.

‘Intergalactic Solutions is hiring a Transhumanist Pyramid Scheme Consultant’, reads one of the listings on the website called This Job Does Not Exist.

This Job Does Not Exist was created by entrepreneur and software developer Marc Köhlbrugge, who used OpenAI API and ChatGPT to build it.

“To generate the job details consistently, I asked the AI to come up with specific elements for each listing, like job title, responsibilities, description, and company name,” Köhlbrugge told Cybernews.

This Job Does Not Exist offers a “whimsical and imaginative” look at potential future careers that will emerge from the intersection of technology and human ingenuity, he said. It is also a reminder that AI may render some existing roles obsolete.

“Our present occupations, such as journalism or software development, might eventually fade away,” Köhlbrugge said.

Some of the jobs generated by the website could become reality sooner than others. An Interdimensional Facial Therapist is perhaps unlikely to find a job any time soon in the timeline – or dimension – but an Autonomous System Ethicist with a “passion for ethical implications of emerging technologies such as AI” already sounds like a plausible job opportunity.

Aside from being a creative exercise, This Job Does Not Exist also served to promote Startup Jobs, a real jobs website Köhlbrugge runs.

“AI has an increasingly significant impact on my business. As a one-person team, AI functions like a teammate, assisting me with tasks and enabling rapid experimentation,” he said.