New Technology to Clean Water

New Technology to Clean Water

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Researchers have discovered a new way to remove up to 80% of dye pollutants from contaminated water, paving the way for a cleaner future.

The team, led by experts at Chalmers University of Technology, purified contaminated water using a cellulose-based material. This development can potentially combat the widespread problem of toxic dye discharge from the textile industry.

In their study, the researchers showed how toxic chemicals can be filtered out of contaminated water using cellulose and wood-based materials. They conducted the research in collaboration with the Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur in India, where dye pollutants in textile industry wastewater are a widespread problem.

The method does not require pressure or heat and uses sunlight to catalyze the process. Gunnar Westman, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology explained that the technique can be likened to “pouring raspberry juice into a glass with grains of rice, which soak up the juice and make the rice transparent.”

Westman continued: “Imagine a simple purification system, like a portable box connected to the sewage pipe. The pollutants are absorbed as the contaminated water passes through the cellulose powder filter, and the sunlight entering the treatment system causes them to break down quickly and efficiently.

“It is a cost-effective and simple system to set up and use, and we see that it could be of great benefit in countries that currently have poor or non-existent treatments for contaminated water.” As reported by

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