Should We Be Worried About Quantum Technology?

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Encryption is a crucial part of our digital lives. It protects our data from hackers and ensures that only those authorized to see your private information can access it. But if readily available quantum computers become reality sometime soon, this could change forever.

Quantum computing is a real threat to classified data as, with the right decryption algorithms, it would be able to crack even today’s strongest encryption rapidly, and will be able to break even advanced encryption techniques in the future.

If you share intellectual property (IP) or sensitive data that is encrypted and sent over a computer network today, the encrypted traffic can be monitored by a bad actor, such as a criminal gang or nation state. They can record and save your encrypted transmissions until a powerful quantum computer becomes commercially available. They would then have the potential to decrypt and read your original information. This is what is known as a ‘store now and decrypt later’ attack.

Therefore, we need to start thinking about how to protect data in the future.

Quantum computing is expected to enable significant breakthroughs in fields like artificial intelligence, medicine, materials science and finance. The potential for innovation is astounding.

However, the security of everything from web browsing, email, financial transactions, online shopping, and even cryptocurrency, could be put at risk.

What’s more, as we move towards a future of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and the inevitable physical-digital integration of the next industrial revolution, the ability for quantum computers to facilitate malicious activity becomes increasingly apparent, according to

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