Why is Digital Identity So Important?

Why is Digital Identity So Important?

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A digital identity, or digital ID, is information that exists about an individual, organization and device online. To put it simply, digital ID is a way to verify who we are online securely, in a manner that offers data protection and safeguards our personal information. In practice, digital identity is an extension of current physical ID documents such as driver’s licenses, passports and bank cards.

There are many different sources from which a unique digital identity is formed, from emails and passwords to online search history. With organizations investing more in digital tools and technology and cyber threats on the rise, creating a framework for managing digital identity has never been so important.

Digital identification has become an important component of cybersecurity initiatives and an enabler in the modern business transformation journey, according to Filip Verreth, VP Product Management of eSign Solutions at Nitro, Inc. It helps protect data, build trust and drive business efficiency. However, getting it right requires a strategic approach.

To protect your business, Cyber Defense Magazine recommends to carefully align digital identity initiatives and partners with your organization’s overarching objectives and to define your expectations and the impact you want it to have on your digital transformation.

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