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While password managers are mostly considered safe to use and even often recommended as an efficient security tool and password storage, consider these following things before committing yourself to one.

First of all, all of your sensitive data is in one place. You’ve probably heard about keeping your eggs in one basket. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with a password manager. That basket will likely include credit card details and secure notes too. In case of a breach, blocking all payment options and changing passwords for all accounts might take enough time for the attacker to do damage.

It is important to note that not all devices are secure enough. Password managers can be hacked if your device is infected with malware. In this case, typing the master password will get it recorded, and cybercriminals will gain full access to the data stored. That’s why password manager users should invest in a trustworthy antivirus that will secure all of their devices first and reduce the risks.

While many password managers are secure and backup by many cyber security professionals, there are bad password managers out on the market. If it has weaker encryption, offers few features, and has poor reviews, you shouldn’t use it. When it comes to securing your vault, saving a few bucks a month shouldn’t be your main priority.

And finally, the simplest of all. Forgetting your master password. Are you the only person who knew it, and your password manager doesn’t have a reset feature? In this case, you may already start recovering each login one-by-one.

Do consider these risks when choosing a reputable manager but after all, a password manager uses advanced encryption to protect your credentials, while without it, your passwords are accessible to anyone, as was written by

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