Harvesting Energy from Radio Waves

Harvesting Energy from Radio Waves

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Scientists at the University of Central Florida, US, have developed an innovative technology that harvests energy from radio waves to generate power. A technology that can reduce the electronic industry’s dependence on batteries and broaden the expansion of the IoT.

We have seen a giant boom in IoT these past few years, and rightfully so. This boom represents an exciting evolution for technology and may help to shape a greener future, making aspects of daily life and industries more efficient. To aid in this evolution, US researchers have discovered a new way to enhance sustainability by converting radio waves into electricity, which can then be used to power IoT systems and devices.

The IoT connects a range of smart technologies via the web, including wearables, phones, televisions, and even toasters, allowing them to communicate through secure, private internet connections. However, despite the IoT potentially being crucial for powering the fourth industrial revolution, sustainability issues persist.

The innovative technology that was developed by the research team is capable of harvesting energy from radio waves to power low power applications, such as common IoT devices. This form of generating energy has been showed to be both sustainable and green by the team.

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