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Following a successful launch meeting, we are delighted to announce the beginning of the third batch cycle of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center program. The top eight projects were selected out of hundreds of startup applications and will surely transform the security field and promote innovation every step of the way.

The innovation center, led by iHLS in collaboration with Israel Ministry of Defense and MAF’AT is the leading innovation program for dual-use technological projects in the civilian and security sectors and provides a collaborative platform for the Israel Ministry of Defense, the Engineering and Construction Branch,  MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure), the IDF air and ground arms, the Digital Transformation Administration, Computer Service Directorate, Field Medicine and Manpower Administrations, Department of Engineering and Construction, Technological and Logistics Directorate, as well as the Intelligence Directorate.

The program is designed to strengthen the connection between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Meet the top eight startups selected for INNOFENSE:


VieRally is the first “Social Forecasting and Influencing Platform,” empowering brands, agencies, and their teams to proactively manage image and protect against reputational risk. Based on viral science, VieRally predicts social activity, including what will go viral and how to influence it. The VieRally platform generates specific guidance for public relations, marketing, and communications professionals on how to intervene ahead of time — before virality happens — to protect and enhance brands.


Synapstim is a bioelectronic medicine company. It develops a life-changing therapy for acute and chronic challenging diseases. Its technology can stimulate internal neurological routes of the human body.


Ground forces of IDF are challenged to control threats at urban areas, therefore a fast deployment blocking device is needed in order to close and block different types and sizes of hatches. Today, existing solutions are problematic in many aspects, and that’s when Convex – Industrial design ltd were addressed to handle and face the challenge of a different solution, small, lightweight, durable and well performing new product. Convex is an Industrial design and engineering company, designing and producing multidisciplinary solutions for many industrial and professional uses. We are experts when it comes to designing good working, good looking, cost and time to market sensitive, new products.


Alumor’s water purifier kills all bacteria and viruses to the highest worldwide standards of the American NSF/ANSI for disinfecting and purifying surface water to be safe drinking water. (Kills off all dangerous parasites, viruses, bacteria, coliform, and protozoa). It uses only few Watts via a solar panel/backup battery pack, produces 2 liters per minute, no ongoing maintenance, low cost and simple to use: just press the button.

Ray Techniques

Ray Techniques has developed a unique technology for producing nanodiamonds – the smallest diamond particles with an average size of only 4-5 nanometers –by laser from a mixture of ash and wax. Due to their unique properties nanodiamonds proved efficient in a wide range of applications, including anti-friction lubricants, lapping, various coatings, polymers, catalysis, energy storage, reflection of very cold neutrons, biomedical research, etc. In contrast to the existing method of detonation synthesis, the Ray process is safe, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. In addition, the know-how developed by the company on the dispersion of nanoparticles in various solvents and polymer resins allows the production of ready-to-use nanodiamond additives in the form of functionalized nano powders, nanofluids and master batches, which, unlike raw nanodiamonds, can be easily introduced into existing technological processes. The INNOFENSE Accelerator program will allow the company to test the feasibility of using nanodiamonds for heat dissipation in power electronics.


A Planning and Dispatching solution based on cutting-edge algorithms and AI for route optimization, smart planning, real-time replanning, and data enrichment to create full visibility and data-driven decision-making to optimize inland freight.


SpinEdge specializes in Spintronics – the novel electronics based on electrons spin. The company brings over 100 years of cumulative experience in the related technologies and is developing a patented Spintronic based analog AI acceleration chiplet solution, which provides a hundredfold gain in speed and a thousandfold gain in energy efficiency in comparison to the conventional state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Innogration Technologies

Innogration Technologies creating the Blueprint for construction 5.0 by Developing an advanced open-end cloud-based AI engine (construction cloud engine) as a SaaS intelligent construction platform that gives a real-time view of Smart construction sites 4.0, Unified & analyzing different data sources for better control, data transfer & extraction, providing monitoring, predictions, and insights, Better Risk Management, Decision-Making for managers on the ground and senior leadership. Saving valuable time and cost-efficient construction sites by optimizing processes and data flow. Creating an industry standard that streamlines construction processes and reduces risk, for more sustainable buildings.

For more information regarding the startups:  [email protected]

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