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According to a recent report released by the insurance provider Coalition, the rising threat of flawed will get worse as the number of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) will average more than 1900 per month.

The report estimates that the monthly total of CVEs throughout 2023 will include 270 high severity and 155 critical vulnerabilities, which often give attackers the ability to remotely take control of computer systems. Moreover, the report writes that 4% of organizations scanned in 2022 had at least one unencrypted service that was exposed to the internet.

The report opens a window into the role vulnerabilities play in exposing organizations to sophisticated threats, according to

Log4j, which was disclosed in December 2021, demonstrated how unpatched vulnerabilities can expose the most advanced computer systems to attacks from criminal and nation-state adversaries looking for opportunities to exploit flawed applications.

The increase is likely because researchers are investing more to uncover vulnerabilities and organizations are also conducting more audits to find flaws in software.

“This overwhelming number of CVEs can be challenging for IT and security professionals to analyze meaningfully,” Tiago Henriques, VP of research at Coalition. “The incredible volume makes tracking increasingly tricky and the database is growing at an alarming rate.”

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