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In 2023, the global economic outlook is expected to worsen and the cost-of-living crisis might provide cyber criminals with the perfect opportunity to increase their scam attempts and exploit people who are struggling financially.

According to Check Point’s Phishing Report for 2022, the number of phishing emails impersonating delivery services will rocket with DHL replacing LinkedIn as the organization most impersonated by scammers.

With the cost-of-living crisis set to dominate the headlines throughout 2023, cyber criminals will increase their efforts to target people worried about bills by sending phishing emails and texts claiming to be from government and local authorities that promise energy bill and council tax rebates, or emails encouraging people to apply for fake cost-of-living payments that mimic genuine government support packages.

We can also expect an upsurge in ransomware attacks in 2023, according to With Ransomware-as-a-Service being readily available, it is likely that more people who previously would never have contemplated breaking the law will turn to cybercrime to bolster their bank balance.

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