Why Should You Care About Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing?

Why Should You Care About Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing?

Cyber intelligence. image by pixabay

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Cyber space has expanded beyond anyone’s ability to navigate it safely on their own. The number of cyber threats put against organizations, companies and individuals is astronomical and is beyond what we as people can face against alone. What can truly turn the tables when it comes to cyber security is cyber threat intelligence sharing, which enables effective security collaboration between internal security teams and external partners.

As of today, numerous teams within an organization rely on cyber threat intelligence sharing to prioritize and manage enterprise risk. Depending on the operational needs and level of expertise, the threat intelligence is relayed to each team to help discover blind spots and make better security decisions while gaining a complete understanding of the evolving threat landscape. When the right intelligence is disseminated to the right kind of audience, it boosts the overall situational awareness and facilitates the organization to have a better defense system needed for thwarting emerging threats, according to cyware.com.

In today’s era where threat actors are becoming equipped to launch sophisticated cyber-attacks, it is increasingly essential for organizations to share threat intel and leverage sharing communities’ collective knowledge to improve the overall security posture. With detailed and contextualized threat intelligence at hand, organizations, vendors, clients, and other industry peers can proactively implement adequate defensive measures in real time.

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