Top Cyber Security That Will Affect Organizations in 2023

Cyber Security. image by pixabay

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According to Netwrix, these following cyber security trends will be key as we enter 2023:

Professional Cybercrime – an expansion of cybercrime for hire. In particular, the growth of ransomware-as-a-service is enabling criminals without deep technical skills to make money, either by extorting a ransom for decryption keys or selling stolen data on the dark web or to a victim’s competitors. Accordingly, organizations should expect an increase in phishing campaigns.

Supply Chain Attacks – modern organizations rely on complex supply chains. Adversaries will increasingly target these suppliers rather than the larger enterprises knowing that they provide a path into multiple partners and customers.

Understaffing – demand for cyber security professionals is far outpacing supply. This shortage of cyber security talent will increase risks for businesses as attacks become even more sophisticated.

Humans as Safety Concern – users have long been a weak link in IT security, prone to opening infected email attachments, clicking malicious links and other risky behavior. Now, rapid advancements in social engineering and easy-to-use deep fake technology are enabling attackers to trick more users into falling for their schemes.

Separate Vendors – to combat cyber-crime, organizations keep investing into IT security. But more tools don’t always mean better security — point solutions from different vendors operate separately, offer overlapping or conflicting functionality, and require organizations to deal with multiple support teams.

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