Securing Messaging Data with New Capability

Data. image by pixabay

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It is undeniable that the continuous growth of internet interconnectivity has resulted in an increase in cyberattack occurrences, many of which have had disastrous and terrible repercussions. To fight this phenomenon, a new platform has been developed to protect sensitive data shared as text or attachments across popular business messaging platforms. These recent developments have brought capabilities that autonomously evaluate and manage data security posture to give security professionals the powerful, centralized remediation tools they need to find access issues and prevent data loss. 

A California based AI company named Concentric AI has unveiled a new technology that showcases who across email and business messaging platforms has inappropriate access to mission-critical content, according to Security Brief. 

The more space digital communication takes in our life, the more we must struggle to control data leakage and prevent information abuse. Given the large volumes of data exchanged by end users and third parties, automation is essential to any practical data security posture management strategy. The company states that limited visibility into content, context and access routinely allows regulated personal information, critical business documents, and other sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. 

“Malicious actions or human error can easily expose business-critical data to unauthorized users. With these new cyber security capabilities, employees can continue collaborating and keep their operations humming without exposing the organization to regulatory violations, intellectual property loss or data breaches.” Said CEO of Concentric AI, Karthik Krishnan. 

With these new capabilities it will be possible to identify sensitive and/or unregulated data as it moves throughout the different email and messaging platforms. This new addition will evaluate organizational security data and will determine who has authorized and unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

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