Deepfakes Threaten Us Now More Than Ever

Deepfakes Threaten Us Now More Than Ever

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More and more cybercriminals are taking advantage of the deep fake technology to evade security controls and attack organizations. Researchers are seeing a 13% increase in the use of deepfakes compared with last year. As these deepfakes grow in sophistication we must find methods to combat this phenomenon. 

“Attackers view IT as the golden ticket into an organization’s network, but unfortunately, it is just the start of their campaign,” explains Rick McElroy, principal cybersecurity strategist at VMware. IT and security teams need to work hand in hand to ensure all access points are secure to prevent an attack like that from harming their own organization. writes that to account for the threat, organizations must consider solutions that provide visibility into all areas of the network, including the cloud, to ensure they can prevent, detect, and respond to attacks. 

A study surveyed 125 cybersecurity and incident response professionals from around the world and revealed an increase in the number of cyberattacks conducted since Russia had invaded Ukraine. The study said that 75% of organizations have employed virtual patching as an emergency mechanism, nearly 90% of respondents now say they are able to disrupt an adversary’s activities, and 74% report that incident response engagements are resolved in a day or less. 

Another highly interesting fact is that the study reported that API attacks are being seen by nearly a quarter (23%) of the respondents, making it the most “popular” type of cyber attack conducted by criminals. McElroy says that while it can be difficult to determine a definitive number, if one looks broadly at threat reports from the last three years, API attacks are “definitely increasing.”

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