Why Are Companies Afraid of IoT?

Hybrid work. image by pixabay

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Since the Internet of Things Industry is a relatively new one, it does not have pre-set security standards for developers and manufacturers to build consistent security. Often hackers scan networks for devices that they deem to be vulnerable and use different types of malware to obtain access – but that is not necessarily the biggest concern of companies. 

Today’s world is all connected, from computers to smart TVs and kitchen appliances. Advancement in technology will always follow with an increase in cyber attacks and hackers. According to safety4sea.com, attackers are able to bypass security-weak and cheap models of IP cameras since many of these devices have similar blueprints. If a vulnerability is found in one device, it is most likely found in other devices as well. For this reason, the communication channels are of utmost importance since the attacks can originate from the channels that connect the IoT devices.

So, what is the biggest security threat for a company? 

Employees. With IoT devices being vulnerable and at a great risk for data losses, many companies are worried about unmanaged IoT devices resulting in the loss of sensitive data. The cause of most insider incidents is negligence: many attacks are caused by employee or contractor negligence. With more employees gaining greater access to work from outside the office, malicious insiders are harder to detect than external attackers or hackers. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid working environments are very easy targets for insider threats.

To minimize the risks, companies can make sure that employees are aware of the laws and regulatory requirements related to their work and understand the steps to keep their devices secure at all times. The more the employees are accessing business data from outside the office, the more the malicious insider threats will increase.

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