UK’s First Private Commercial 5G

photo illust. 5G by pixabay

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BT will be combining its skill and expertise in building converged fixed and mobile networks with Ericsson’s leading, sustainable, and secure 5G network technology and enterprise solutions to offer 5G Private Networks solutions to business customers across the UK.

This partnership will enable innovative applications and IoT capabilities to increase productivity, help to optimize operational efficiency, improve predictive maintenance, and help with security and ultra-low latency in industrial environments.

“This ground-breaking agreement with BT means we are together taking a leading role in ensuring 5G has a transformative impact for the UK. The high quality, fast and secure connectivity provided by Ericsson Private 5G can help organizations make all-important efficiency gains that can create safer, more productive, and sustainable business operations and help the country build global leaders in the industries and technologies of the future,” stated Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson UK & Ireland.

“5G private networks will also support smart factory processes and the advancement of Industry 4.0 which can realize significant cost savings and efficiencies for manufacturers,” said Marc Overton, BT’s Managing Director for Division X, Enterprise.

“Unlike a public network, a private 5G network can be configured to a specific business’s needs, as well as by individual site or location. They also provide the foundation to overlay other innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, VR and AR, opening up a multitude of possibilities,” Overton added.