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Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. In cities and the open spaces, for security needs and civilian use, their increasing presence among us indicates that they are here to stay, and even become more resilient to harsh weather conditions.

The Matrice 30 (also known as M30) drone is the new drone from DJI, the Chinese UAV manufacturer. The drone meets the IP55 standard for water and dust resistance, so it can fly in heavy rain, strong winds and even in ice conditions. With a flight altitude of about 23,000 feet and surviving temperatures between minus 20 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius, even its controller is weather resistant in accordance with IP54 standards.

The robotic drone can also fold into a compact shape at the touch of a button. A fast charging case allows it to be charged quickly, as it has batteries that guarantee a 40-minute operating time. There will be instances when the M30 requires human intervention: one version will support a robotic dock that allows the aircraft to fly along pre-programmed routes and land independently between missions so that its battery can be charged.

Moreover, the controller allows the monitoring of information from the air even when it’s out of sight, and it is also very resistant to extreme weather conditions. It utilizes a 4G dongle and is expected to reach the market at the end of this year.