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The French company Ubisoft, which specializes in computer and video games, experienced a cyber attack in March that temporarily disrupted the company’s systems, servers, and games.

In recent days, rumors have appeared about Ubisoft being the target of a cyber attack by the hacker group LAPSUS$. According to its Telegram page, the group is responsible for the attack. Samsung and Nvidia both suffered a similar attack earlier this month, from the same group of hackers. reports that Ubisoft’s IT teams collaborated with outside experts to investigate the incident, and they initiated passwords promptly across the organization. Furthermore, they confirmed that the games and servers owned by the company are working properly and that there is no evidence of information leaks from players or users of their products.

Early in March, Nvidia announced hackers had gained access to employee information, denying any link to the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. Samsung also announced that hackers had stolen inside information and a source of code for Galaxy devices a few days later. The company denied that any personal information was stolen.