Cyber Attack in Japan: Subcontractor of Toyota Under Attack

photo illus. cyber attack by Pixabay
photo illus. cyber attack by Pixabay

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Recently, a cyberattack was launched against a Toyota supplier, showing how small companies can be a threat to large corporations. In light of this, it can be concluded that Japan and other countries suffering from industrial harm should adopt the right course of action in future identical dealings.

Despite no information being provided about the attackers, the cyber attack on Japanese supplier Kojima Industries Corp. occurred immediately after Japan joined the Western coalition against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The connection between the two cases remains unclear at this stage.

International news agencies report that Kojima’s cyber attack highlights the dependency between technology giants and less sophisticated technology companies. Tech giants are equipped with sophisticated means of protection, while small businesses are less likely to use them.

From here on, cyber security becomes a serious issue of concern in Japan, as the government is criticized for its handling of cyber attackers. Companies should be aware of the common dangers associated with cyber security, as they are particularly vulnerable to intrusions through these channels.

In spite of the fact that a number of factories in Japan were shut down due to the cyberattack, Toyota has not yet provided further information regarding early detection of cyber threats.