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UAE unveils new aircraft from HALCON Unmanned Aircraft Series, a regional leader in the production and supply of guided weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during the Abu Dhabi UMEX Innovation Conference. HALCON is a member of the EDGE Group, UAE’s leading security technology company.

HALCON CEO Al Mansoori told the new UAVs, based on the Emirates’ Hunter 2 series, use artificial intelligence technology to share information as they fly in coordination and in a stable formation towards the target.

“Once the target has been identified, a group decision is taken, and based on the size, shape, and category of the target, a decision is made as to how many UAVs are needed to complete the mission,” Al Mansoori explained. UAVs in this group can assemble into a swarm system, can hit moving targets as well as static ones, and execute complex missions. UAVs with wings can be deployed in just a few seconds, resulting in wings 1.4m long and a vessel of 1.25m in length.

Al Mansoori also added that while unmanned aerial vehicles are the most innovative and leading in unmanned systems, land-based autonomous systems are gaining in popularity. In consequence, land-based technologies are catching up with the accomplishments of aerial technologies.