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A secure platform for managing visual asset inspection data from drones will provide enterprises with an improved, integrated analysis capability.  A recent collaboration will provide visual data management and analytics platform to securely deliver data and actionable insights. 

SkyCam Aviation provides visual data collection services using fixed-wing aircraft and employs multi-sensor technology to provide robust imagery to support a wide range of applications. The Optelos cloud-based visual data management and AI analytics platform that transforms geo-visual data into actionable insights. 

Using the Optelos platform will enable to easily view data from SkyCam’s 6-sensor platform which includes 4k (50mm-1200mm lenses), FLIR, SWIR, and hyperspectral sensors, as well as spectral detection of both methane and diesel.

For infrastructure inspection, SkyCam’s data gathering provides00 extreme detail, allowing AI analysis down to 1/4″.  The platform allows capturing vast amounts of data, which can then be streamed onto the Optelos platform for management and analysis, or combined with any AI engine.

In addition to managing all collected inspection data, the platform also provides robust visualization of all data sources, high-resolution images and videos, detailed Orthomosaic 2D maps (map-quality images combining many smaller images), and accurate 3D models (Digital Twins).  

The integrated analysis capability provides both direct measurement capability as well as supports AI-powered inspections, according to