Israel Ministry of Defense’s

Israel is looking for ways to close the gap above the security fence along its borders. Recently, Israel has completed a security fence along its border with the Sinai desert. This vast area , has become a “no man’s land” that Egypt does not control . This brought a record number of terror organizations to turn the Sinai into their operational base.

The fence has been designed to stop attempts to dig under it but in many ways the problem is how to foil attempts to go over it , either to transfer “tools of terror” into israel or even terrorists . The problem is known to law enforcement authorities around the world. and Recently U.S. Border Patrol discovered that drug smugglers used a pneumatic-powered cannon to launch cans filled with drugs from Mexico into the u.s.

Experts say that the problem may become more serious because of the ease to get means to go over border fence. These they say, may include hang gliders, Ultrlights and pneumatic launchers. The solutions are not simple as they will require sensors like radars along at least some sections of a border fence. But the operational need is urgent as attempts to cross the fence have been made and are expexted to continue.

Another problem is the need to cover long sections of the fence with the budget limitations.”Technology will be the keyword here” a defense source told i-hls.