One More Step on the Way to UAV Flight in Urban Airspace

One More Step on the Way to UAV Flight in Urban Airspace

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The traffic Management (UTM) of unmanned aerial vehicles has become an indispensable need in many countries all over the world, especially with regards to drone flight in urban airspaces. 

A new UTM system will remotely identify drones in Switzerland. ANRA Technologies launched its SmartSkies DroneID in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI). 

The system approved by the Swiss government provides appropriate levels of access to drone information based on user permissions with just a few clicks. It enables public safety organizations and – next year – the general public to identify drones operating in their vicinity by providing the drone registration number and mission information, while additional operator details are available to qualified authorities upon request. 

This permissions-based approach protects operator privacy while also ensuring the safety and compliance of drone operations. 

The system is being deployed as part of a nationwide cloud-based Network Remote Identification (NET-RID) service implemented by SUSI, a public-private partnership formed to safely and securely integrate drones into the Swiss airspace. The NET-RID service complies with the ASTM F3411 standard for Remote ID and Tracking, ensuring that that data is secure and only necessary information is shared, according to