The IoT Revolution And Supply Chains

The IoT Revolution And Supply Chains

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The IoT revolution has been transforming the logistics and supply chain industries. From fleet management through in-vehicle sensors to remote temperature monitoring, and automated loading and unloading, the number of possibilities for change is considerable.

Using data from a wide variety of IoT sensors, drivers can receive customized and tailored training or instructed in ways to help achieve timely deliveries. Fleet managers can use smart technology to remove vehicles from operation, should diagnosis data predict an imminent breakdown. Stolen vehicles can be pinpointed for referral to law enforcement, while customers can have their minds put at ease with data demonstrating how long their goods have been in transit, at what temperature, and when, where, and how they were loaded. Streamlined and agile operations, formed of goods and vehicles capable of communicating with each other and providing hard data, are helping create a consistent and reliable picture of the supply chain as a whole. 

However, IT misconfiguration and vulnerability to hacking both remain a problem and continue to hold back a confident and radical uptake of IoT across the supply chain and other sectors. Moreover, as organisations cannot always control the security measures of their supply chain partners, IoT supply chains have become a weak link for cyber security. With this in mind, it’s crucial that the potential benefits and vulnerabilities of the IoT are considered and weighed against one another. Cyber security remains a pressing issue for industries otherwise primed for adopting the IoT. 

According to, it is clear that efforts need to be made to allay fears and build credible and provable pathways towards complete IoT security confidence. Integrated solutions are being formulated which help both facilitate and automate intelligent decision-making, built with data security at their very core. 

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