Autonomous Robotics and Quantum Technology Initiative in Abu Dhabi

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Autonomous robotics is only one of the areas of interest at the center of an innovation initiative in the UAE. Within efforts to establish its status as a global hub for innovation and advanced technologies, Abu Dhabi has unveiled its new technology Innovation Institute (TII), a dedicated applied research pillar of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC).

The seven areas of focus include quantum research; autonomous robotics; cryptography; advanced materials; digital security; directed energy; and secure systems. The institute aims to deliver discovery science and breakthrough technologies that have a global impact through the seven dedicated research centers. 

The move is intended to position Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a global hub for advanced technology research.

Teams of international scientists and researchers joined the institute from around the world within two months of the first board meeting in August 2020. TII will also drive applied research, intellectual property development, and academic and industry partnerships.

Importantly, the institute will have the flexibility to rapidly progress research, with a defined research roadmap, committed long-term funding and the ability to make effective decisions in a fast-paced environment, according to